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Who is Mr. Lethbridge?

Out of Lethbridge’s biggest celebrities, none come close to the legendary man who shares the city’s name, Mr. Lethbridge. With over 10,000 Twitter followers, this blow-up doll character asks the toughest questions and shares the wisest insights.

We had the rare opportunity to ask Mr. Lethbridge a few questions to get to know him a little better. We know what you’re wondering; yes, he is just as handsome in person.

You are one of the most-followed personalities in Lethbridge. To what do you owe your fame?

Social media has given me a huge voice to allow me to express myself (cue Madonna) and my creativity.  It has been my outlet to connect with others in a fun way, and build unique friendships.  I have the best followers in the world, and I always try to be consistent with them.

Have you always existed in the same air-filled body? Or have you taken host in other blow-up dolls or other inflatable or non-inflatable forms?

I have been online since 2007, and it has always just been me.  I am just full of hot air.

How do you prevent yourself from blowing away in Lethbridge? You seem pretty light.

Pray for Lethbridge.  Nothing has happened, but it is just windy outside.  Luckily, my followers keep me grounded.   

Are you single? Kids?

I am single, and I am everyone’s dad.  There is a little Mr. Lethbridge in everyone. 

Are you on Tinder? Where do you meet people in Lethbridge?

Yoooo, stay away from Tinder!  I like meeting people the old fashioned way… at the dog park.

What do you hope people get out of following you on Twitter? Is there a greater purpose to your social persona?

Community is about being connected with each other, and I want to make Lethbridge a better place.  I try to reach out to people through kindness, humour, and love.  I have also taken Mr. Lethbridge offline on several occasions by holding different community fundraisers.  If I can put a smile on someone’s face, then being Mr. Lethbridge is worth it. 

Lethbridgian or Lethbian?

Both, at the same time.

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