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Chris Spearman Wins Mayoral Seat in Landslide Victory

Voter Turnout

Lethbridge has voted (well, a little more than a quarter of Lethbridge voted) for our city’s mayor and eight councillors for the next four years.

The last of the ballots were cast on Monday, October 16, with 21,357 of the eligible 78,772 voters participating — an underwhelming 27.11% turnout.

Chris Spearman was reelected to the mayoral seat with a landslide victory over Martin Heavy Head and Bob Janzen.


Mayoral Candidates


Of the 29 city council candidates, the eight to earn a seat were lead by political newcomer Mark Campbell. He and Belinda Crowson were the only two fresh faces to join council for this term. The other six all earned reelection from last term: Joe Mauro, Jeff Carlson, Ryan Parker, Blaine Hyggen, Jeffrey Coffman, and Rob Miyashiro.


Elected Councillors

Unelected Council Candidates

The two councillors from the past term who did not win reelection were the only two women on council: Liz Iwaskiw and Bridget Mearns (who did not run).

To find out more about all of the candidates, visit our election page where we conducted a personal questionnaire.

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